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「彩飄」 [userpic]
by 「彩飄」 (the_firefly)
at August 6th, 2013 (08:57 pm)
Inspiration: やなぎなぎ - Yukitoki | Powered by Last.fm

For Rae
Hopefully I didn't screw up the characters too much...

Fandom: Danganronpa
Characters: Sayaka, Leon
Spoilers within

The moment she spots him walking into the room Sayaka freezes. He meets her gaze and something wells up within her though she has trouble naming the emotion. Sayaka realizes she is staring when the look in his eyes hardens and she looks away, steadying herself and subtly glancing at the other people within the room. There is a nagging thought within and she feels as though she should know something more, but the feeling is vague and fleeting at best. It irritates her that she cannot fully grasp the muddled emotions and feelings that pass through her mind. Her eyes happen to land on a shorter figure and she realizes with a start that she can actually place a name with a face. A smile lights up her face for the first time since she has entered the auditorium.


His mind feels foggy and Leon wonders what he could have done the previous night to wake up feeling like this. It's almost as if his thoughts were put into a blender and he has a bit of trouble focusing on everything going on around him. He notices that one of the other students is staring and for a moment he is surprised to see that it is Sayaka Maizono. There is a whisper in the back of his mind that there is nothing out of the oridnary for her to be there, but it's quickly buried again when his head begins to pound. Placing a hand on his temple for a moment, Leon struggles to steady himself, eyes unconsciously drawn towards the singer once more.


The scene in the auditorium has shaken her and the disc she found with her name makes her nauseated. She wants to believe Naegi's words and have faith in him, but it's impossible to stop her mind from replaying the recording that she watched. A part of her argues that it's all a lie but the other part is terrified that it could possibly come true and that is what frightens her the most. Her hands shake as she pens the letter but she steels herself and continues on. There is only one way to escape her fate. Her stomach clenches as she reaches the door and for a moment Sayaka wonders why it was his name that came to her so suddenly.


After the events within the auditorium, this was hardly something he expected to encounter during his first night in the academy. He studies the letter for a long time, wondering if this could possibly be some sort of joke. The script is slightly smudged in places but the message is all too clear. It looks fairly authentic and perhaps even a little too elaborate for a mere prank. It never even crosses his mind that it could be a trap because he's too focused on the small details found in the penmanship. Leon realizes that the writing looks vagely familiar which is what actually worries him the most.