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[Magi] Alibaba, Morgiana
by 「彩飄」 (the_firefly)
at December 30th, 2012 (12:05 am)

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Fandom: Magi
Characters: Alibaba, Morgiana
Prompt: gold
For Kia

Set after current chapters, though I'm sure canon will make it AU soon enough, :)

He could almost feel the weight of someone's gaze on his back and for a moment Alibaba wondered if something in the jungle had set it's sight on him. Clutching the handle of his dagger, he tried to shake the image of a wild animal hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce, golden eyes watching his every move. The sudden movement of the foliage did little to ease his fears and when an unexpectedly voice suddenly sounded next to him, Alibaba couldn't stop the shriek that escaped. He tripped over his own feet in his haste to turn around and managed to fall flat on his face.

Within moments, Alibaba's center of gravity shifted and he found himself held in a familiar embrace. Struggling to calm his racing heart, Alibaba smiled nervously at Morgiana. She was silent as her eyes took in all the changes that had occurred since they had last seen one another. A soft smile appeared on her face as her gaze met his own and Alibaba found himself returning the gesture. Her grip tightened around his body and Alibaba stiffened, knowing what was sure to come next.

"I'm pretty sure I can walk on my own..." His words were cut off as Morgiana raised a brow in silent challenge. "...but I think your way works too."

"I see Alibaba has learned a few things during his training."

Alibaba gripped her hand, attempting to prepare himself mentally. "Well, I did manage to meet all sorts of ladies during my travels. I was bound to learn something."

Morgiana stilled and Alibaba nearly fell out of her arms. Turning to face her, he spotted an all too familiar pout gracing her features. Her foot slammed into the ground and Alibaba's eyes widened as the ground practically shook from the force. Nervous laughter bubbled up within him and Alibaba quickly patted Morgiana's shoulder.

"But I'm glad you're here. I know my back is safe when you're around."

Morgiana remained silent and Alibaba wondered if he had just dug his own grave even deeper. Without warning they were suddenly airborne and all thoughts began to flee Alibaba's mind. His eyes began to swim and a whimper escaped. Though it was most likely his imagination, he could have sworn Morgiana had just let out a small laugh as she carried him through the forest.


Posted by: ♥ Kanki ♥ (kanki_yamato)
Posted at: January 5th, 2013 12:41 am (UTC)
[C] Fuuko ઌ Good job!

This is...is...PERFECT!!!!!!
I...I don't have words for it,I LOVE it!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ *re-read it again and again*

Posted by: 「彩飄」 (the_firefly)
Posted at: January 5th, 2013 05:51 am (UTC)
Reiko // melancholy

Glad to see you liked it, :D

I'm still getting comfortable writing these two

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