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「彩飄」 [userpic]
[Ookami-san] Alice, Liszt
by 「彩飄」 (the_firefly)
at February 12th, 2012 (05:12 pm)

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Inspiration: Makoto Yoshimori - Tadori Tsuita Basho | Powered by Last.fm

Fandom: Ookami-san
Characters: Alice, Liszt
Prompt: balance
For Tatsie, ♥

"Ah, Alice, you're working far too hard." Liszt smiled at her, crossing his hands behind his head and leaning back in his chair.

Alice barely spared him a glimpse as she meticulously wrote figures in her notebook. "That just doesn't sound convincing coming from someone who hardly works."

"Your words wound me."

Alice hummed noncommittally, used to his antics. She was spared any further comments when the rest of the club members entered and Liszt began to focus his attention elsewhere.